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Ayton Castle

Ayton Castle Projects


We are most grateful to The Borders Forest Trust for a grant to plant 240 trees.

Species include Norway Maple, Hazel, Wych Elm, Sessile Oak, Noble fir, Atlas Cedar and Oriental Spruce. All trees have suitable protection.

Tree planting at Ayton Castle

The Walled Garden

Extensive work has been undertaken to remove the many unsafe pine trees in the Walled Garden. Investigations by our Hon. Archivist, Ian Hankinson, have revealed that this area was possibly a Japanese garden, which were popular on estates in the early twentieth century. The garden once housed a large glasshouse and the foundations are still visible.

Restoration of the garden including the rockeries and ponds, along with refurbishment of the Summer House and the boundary wall are long-term projects. The Walled Garden is currently inaccessible to visitors.

The Summer House, Ayton Castle Step to the Summer House, Ayton Castle Clearance work in the Walled Garden, Ayton Castle

The Potting Sheds

It is our aim to transform the derelict potting sheds into a café, retail space and public lavatories.

Our Projects

The Branxton Animals

The Potting Shed Area

Tree Planting

The Walled Garden

The Branxton Animals

In 2021 we acquired a large number of concrete animals that were situated in a garden at Branxton, Northumberland. The collection is well-known amongst folks in the Borders as generations of children have visited them over the years.

The animals were all carefully transported to Ayton where they have been in store. We are currently working on their restoration and repainting. This is a complex task as they were designed not to be moved and have always been exposed to the elements. As a result many have suffered considerable deterioration.

We hope to have a selection of animals on display after Easter 2024.

If anyone has photographs of the animals in their original setting we should love to see them. Please contact us.